Elder Tracy L. Jackson, Presiding Prelate

Cincinnati-Dayton-Indianapolis District

The Second Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

The Investment Factor:
 "A Changed People, Changing the World"


The Cincinnati-Dayton-Indianapolis District is part of the Ohio-Central Indiana Region in the Second Episcopal District of the C.M.E. Church where Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr. is the Presiding Prelate.  The mission of the CME Church in the Second Episcopal District is to form Christian disciples through the systematic training and development of CME clergy and laity.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, CME disciples will preach and teach the word of Christ, nurture spiritual growth and stewardship, and witness and organize for systematic and social change in our communities. The Presiding Elder of the CDI District is the Rev.Tracy L. Jackson

This site is a centralize point of reference for information on whats happening in the CDI District. Take a minute, become acquainted with our site and see how God is blessing us!



We will be fasting & Praying every  month and will send an email with a Pictorial to arrive at your email address as a reminder to fast on that week. We as a District will believe God for the above subject areas to better ourselves, our community and our goals and dreams to be met.


In the event you can’t Fast because of Medication please!  Pray on that day.


For His Glory!


Dr. Grady Wicker, Jr., Chair, Evangelism & Missions



Elder Tracy L. Jackson

Presiding Elder



A note from Presiding Elder Jackson:
I'm looking forward to fellowship with all the pastors, preachers and leaders across the district. I'm excited to be a servant of the Kingdom of God, and looking forward as we dialog together to lead CDI into an awesome conference year. Let us catch the vision of our Bishop and run with it! 


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The More You Know, The More You Grow: Mind, Body, & Soul

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